Esprix (esprix) wrote,


My friends list seems a little sparse the last few weeks or so. Is everyone migrating elsewhere? Please don't tell me it's Facebook, or I may have to take a hostage, AND NO ONE WANTS THAT.

Meanwhile, the Toy Story double feature was fun, although sadly lacking in a Toy Story 3 trailer. WTF? I thought they were advertising that as part of the whole reason they were doing this promo in the first place? Bastards.

We didn't do the big march on Washington today because we are broke. I'm not too upset, as I really didn't want to go (been there, done that, ad nauseum), but Q never has, and he really wanted to go. Bah. We really need to get our finances under better control.
Tags: birthday, day to day, dc, facebook, friends, gifts, liberal rubbish, lj, movies, politics, q, queer issues, weekend, wtf?
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