Esprix (esprix) wrote,

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Well fuck

Lovely. After a, shall we say, frustrating evening with A Certain Someone, I can't do the one thing I want to do - play City of Heroes. I guess I'm going to bed while I check for viruses and my hard drive defrags. G'nite. :(

  • The rest of the week...

    Oh, and work is very busy, Pennsic is in 35 days, and we're going to NY for July 4th weekend. Whee!

  • Had a fun weekend, by the way

    We went up to Philly to belatedly celebrate Mom's 71st birthday, which was Monday last week. We drove up Friday night and made good time (we go up…

  • Birthday!

    Happy birthday, ben_raccoon! I shake my tailfeathers at you in celebration.

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