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Yesterday, today, and beyond...

Got the materials off to Chaz yesterday so he can throw a Gaylaxicon party at Windycon in Chicago this weekend. Watched Finding Nemo with the boys last night - yay! Just as funny the second time around, and way cool on a 52" screen! Spent some quality time with Quincy, as I won't see him again until Monday night. Working to get some stuff done today at work, and then tonight I'll pack and perhaps clean around the house a bit. Tomorrow morning it's off to Philly. When I get back I hit the ground running meeting with all my department heads - we're 5 months out and need to solidify some plans (and I fully admit I'm starting to get nervous). I also need to settle on the location for the LYC year-end banquet - the Center and the Joyce Beers Community Center are both booked on Dec. 6 and 13, so we may just move it to a restaurant (Hillcrest Sushi?). We need to start selling tickets soon!

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