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My Pennsic tweets

As I mentioned at the beginning of Pennsic, I decided to try an experiment (since I'd just gotten us new cell phones) to try tweeting Pennsic, both for my own journalling needs, and to entertain those that couldn't attend (and apparently I entertained a lot of folks, which was fun). For those that don't Twitter, here's all of them, which serves as my Pennsic diary. (For some reason the dates and times got all wonky starting on the last Thursday, so ignore the actual timestamps - I rearranged them in the actual order they were sent.)

Saturday, July 25
3:58 PM Jul 25th: I think I am going to experiment tweeting from Pennsic for my own amusement. Enjoy!
4:00 PM Jul 25th: Got in at 4am for Land Grab to surprise Celeb. Slept in the car. Ugh.
4:00 PM Jul 25th: Land Grab went smoothly. Celeb was surprised.
4:02 PM Jul 25th: Just finished a quick summer shower. Cooled things off nicely. Still waiting for Gabbo to set up my tent. Wet grass is yucky.
6:12 PM Jul 25th: Gabbo has arrived so tent soon. We have a lot of people here for the first day.
6:22 PM Jul 25th: Just figured out to text updates directly so hopefully this works.
7:14 PM Jul 25th: Pizza delivered after land grab - brilliant Earnwulf!
8:36 PM Jul 25th: Hooray tent has arrived
9:28 PM Jul 25th: Stuff's still in the storage unit so need to run back. No tent yet.
10:14 PM Jul 25th: Mmm... tea...
10:22 PM Jul 25th: OK going to start setting up my pavilion now. Not TOO late, eh?
1:14 AM Jul 26th: Tent up, bed inflated, calling Q and going to sleep. Another great Pennsic under way!

Sunday, July 26
10:36 AM Jul 26th: Awoken by noisy campmates. No kitchen tent yet so no tea. BAH!
12:31 PM Jul 26th: Got tea. Crisis averted.
1:11 PM Jul 26th: Going to shower then into town for food and stuff.
3:37 PM Jul 26th: Eating at Taco Bell. So Medieval.
4:36 PM Jul 26th: At Wal*Mart now. Evil lurks here...
7:13 PM Jul 26th: Back in camp. Stone has arrived - yay! Earnwulf is making dinner for everyone.

Monday, July 27
3:25 PM Jul 27th: Battery died last night and just finished charging. Heading back from a town run now.
4:15 PM Jul 27th: Wow. Way to start drama before you even get here.
4:16 PM Jul 27th: Had fun around the fire last night. Burned a chair and told tall tales about Sev and people who hate me.
4:17 PM Jul 27th: Derek also arrived last night. I put up his (my) tent while Earnwulf cooked.
4:18 PM Jul 27th: Was up late finishing my floor and hanging by the fire which is always fun.
4:19 PM Jul 27th: Camp is coming along nicely. Neil had the whole kitchen up and running this morning.
4:20 PM Jul 27th: After my breakfast of tea and Cap'n Crunch we dropped the rental van off in Butler and picked up some stuff.
4:21 PM Jul 27th: Also found out they no lonnger make my traditional Pennsic breakfast, Count Chocula. :(
4:22 PM Jul 27th: Today it's finish setting up the tent and supervise the new camp walls and the Alaskan pipeline.
4:23 PM Jul 27th: Oh and we may get a clay oven. Also found out Widder Mary is coming after all - yay!
4:26 PM Jul 27th: Here's who's here: Luci, Mina & Jake, little Sean, Sev, Stone, Brandon, Steve (?), Curo, Neil & Hunter...
4:33 PM Jul 27th: ... Lucien, Earnwulf, and most of Clan Gabbo - Gabbo, Aaron, Gary(?), and Bill, Joe and Dan will return on Sat.
4:34 PM Jul 27th: Plus Celeb is in and out each night this week and Sebastian was just in for the weekend.
5:34 PM Jul 27th: Drama averted. Somebody just needed a sandwich.
9:52 PM Jul 27th: It's o'dark thirty and the kids are heading to Vlad's. Raven, Thalia, Corey and Blah all arrived today.
11:15 PM Jul 27th: Camp is in the lull before the lushes come home. I have chocolate milk and a few folks around the fire to amuse me.
1:55 AM Jul 28th: Sitting around the fire and Corey is showing me PG Porn on the web. I love my new phone.
3:07 AM Jul 28th: What's the word for slash artwork? It's not really yaoi, but it's more than just fanfic.
5:00 AM Jul 28th: Ear plugs in and called Q. G'nite!

Tuesday, July 28
12:56 PM Jul 28th: Happiness at Pennsic is a fully functional kitchen and campmates when I'm ready for tea.
2:31 PM Jul 28th: Done with breakfast and conversation. On to a shower, laundry and shopping.
3:30 PM Jul 28th: One good thing about showers while camping - towels are optional (no need to panic!).
9:48 PM Jul 28th: Why do I never seem to remember the food court is open right from the start of War?
9:49 PM Jul 28th: Also saw Galen today and was drooling over games. Will probably buy more for my on-site library.
9:50 PM Jul 28th: Poor Blah. He loves stopping by camp but always ends up giving an ASL lesson.
10:33 PM Jul 28th: Nothing says Pennsic like looking at slash pr0n on your cell phone around the campfire

Wednesday, July 29
3:23 PM Jul 29th: It's truly Pennsic now - it's raining (or as we call it, the Russians have invaded)
8:11 PM Jul 29th: The new washing machines and dryers in the bath house are quite popular today.
12:08 AM Jul 30th: Go watch "PG Porn" on YouTube, the garage mechanic one. "I can't wait to fuck this!"
3:06 AM Jul 30th: Happiness is burning other people's crap

Thursday, July 30
4:01 PM Jul 30th: Got a little extra sleep this morning from some clouds. Going to finish up some stuff around camp.
6:50 PM Jul 30th: Trapped in my tent while the Russians invade, but at least I can get some stuff done. Almost finished putting up our new sheet walls and ...
6:51 PM Jul 30th: Nre sheet walls are fab.
3:37 AM Jul 31st: Crappy day - Russians, tent leakage and bad food court food. Still, finished the bed and Celeb is here, so it's all good. Nite!

Friday, July 31
8:54 PM Jul 31st: For a new phone this thing sure needs to be charged a lot.
8:56 PM Jul 31st: The Russians left quite a lot of mud (Mongols) in their wake. Today has been a mess - pathways, roads, and I got stuck in the parking lot.
8:57 PM Jul 31st: What's the point of paid parking if they move it farther away and it's too muddy to park in anyway? I'm getting my $20 back.
8:59 PM Jul 31st: Wasn't up for clam chowder so I really need to hit the food court before it closes. Also need to get more food so I can cook my own dinners.
9:33 PM Jul 31st: Will people ever learn that bare feet at Pennsic is a bad idea?

Saturday, August 1
3:09 PM Aug 1st: Neil survived Celeb's wrath at throwing unneeded stuff away and Quincy didn't buy any dolls. Will miracles never cease?
8:19 PM Aug 1st: Ran out of propane! No hot showers! Oh noes! (Easily solved , but still...)
8:20 PM Aug 1st: Vlad's slave auction tonight. I'll probably make an appearance, but it's not the same without Lou and Rob. :-(
9:45 PM Aug 1st: So we go to the parties as a group, hang out at the parties as a group, come back from the parties as a group, then talk about the parties.
9:46 PM Aug 1st: I guess I'm just old. I'd rather just stay at home as a group. (I'm also not single, which makes a big difference, too.)
5:47 AM Aug 2nd: Slave auction was half as full as usual. They were hurting for slaves and as usual Celeb bought too many.
5:49 AM Aug 2nd: DRAMA at camp. Apologies don't come with a "but." Also thinking of confronting some drama of my own. Rain, Transamerica, bed, Q tomorrow!

Sunday, August 2
3:03 PM Aug 2nd: Up and showered. Cloudy but humid and intermittent light Russians.
3:04 PM Aug 2nd: Widder Mary has arrived and Q gets in tonight so all is right with the world. Time to clean the tent!
4:48 PM Aug 2nd: So I guess I should be using #Pennsic or #SCA for tweeting Pennsic?
11:14 AM Aug 3rd: Q is here! Only a 2 hour delay, but that just meant more time shopping.

Monday, August 3
8:15 PM Aug 3rd: Beautiful day today. Went begging for prizes for the Blue Feather Ball and made out well. Also started my own shopping.
8:17 PM Aug 3rd: Camp is drying out and they opened up some dry paid parking far closer to things so I parked the car at last. Urso fetish party tonight.
8:19 PM Aug 3rd: We're plotting to pay for Uncle Rashid to cook for us next year so he comes. Also plotting to sicken Widder so she has to call out of work.
8:19 PM Aug 3rd: Also had a lovely anniversary dinner for Gabbo and Biran. 9 years!

Tuesday, August 4
2:29 PM Aug 4th: Urso was lovely last night. Biran is doing the shopping for the Ball so I can sew my chiton. Looking to be a lovely day.
2:31 PM Aug 4th: Had some wonderful schtick yesterday and traded a hammock for elephant pants (they didn't want the old chair or rickety bench). Randomness!
12:40 AM Aug 5th: The Ball was a huge success. We were set up with an hour to spare, had over 200 people, and my new chiton was fabulous. Yay us!
4:10 AM Aug 5th: Dang, more Russians. At least it held off until bedtime. Nite!

Wednesday, August 5
3:48 PM Aug 5th: We have a llama to burn, but first we're headed to the swimming hole with T'Ger. Midnight Madness tonight - can't wait.
4:57 PM Aug 5th: The new swimming hole is still too small.
9:12 PM Aug 5th: Misplaced Carcasonne but it'll turn up. Quick dinner and we're off shopping. Will spend too much at T'ger's. Hoping for some great deals.
10:27 PM Aug 5th: Pennsic zombie walk!
11:34 PM Aug 5th: Shopping ameobas never stay together long.
1:17 AM Aug 6th: Twitter Widder!
1:18 AM Aug 6th: One of these years I will finish my shopping *before* half the merchants start closing.
2:08 AM Aug 6th: How did I end up with a s'more in my lap?
2:32 AM Aug 6th: Poor Q isn't feeling well but I'm heading back to the fire. We're hoping Widder can break her record of 25 hours straight before she leaves.
5:12 AM Aug 6th: We had to resort to dead baby and Helen Keller jokes but it was worth it. T'Ger just arrived to take Widder away. :(

Thursday, August 6
3:08 AM Aug 9th: Found my missing Carcasonne and played a game. Off for food and clothes from T'Ger.
7:12 AM Aug 9th: Holy crap I think I just saw one of those "battle" things!
5:06 AM Aug 9th: Flaming comedians, storytellers, bagpipers, fire performers, drummers, dancers, and a great crowd of friends. Best. Encampment. Party. EVER.
5:24 AM Aug 9th: It looks like Widder missed her plane, and she looks really really surprised about it.
5:28 AM Aug 9th: This is great. We burned the drama llama, but Tobias was the first to betray me with drumming.
5:31 AM Aug 9th: Great. Q's first time throwing up at War. Whee!
5:55 AM Aug 9th: Q is happily passed out, many hookups have occured, and we're down to we happy few. All is well.

Saturday, August 8
11:51 AM Aug 9th: Already halfway home. Damn phone battery. The last day is always bittersweet, but I'm glad to be getting home.
11:20 AM Aug 9th: Stopping at Hardee's (nee Carl's Jr.) in Breezewood. I miss these from San Diego.
11:53 AM Aug 9th: I think I broke my toe last night while packing. Black and blue is bad, right?
11:57 AM Aug 9th: KITTIES!
12:12 PM Aug 9th: Home at last.
1:00 PM Aug 9th: My feet have tan lines! Plus, you know, Pennsic snot.
1:09 PM Aug 9th: My phone battery died but we had a good last day yesterday - got some last-minute shopping deals, and saw some friends before they left.
1:06 PM Aug 9th: The camp meeting was productive though many folks had already left. I bought Celeb a cake because I thought he was feeling underappreciated.
1:03 PM Aug 9th: It was also Fish Pants Friday. We discovered it's starting to spread around War. I also have the first pair from T'Ger from many moona ago.
1:53 PM Aug 9th: I am slowly turning the encampment into gamers - Celeb loved Carcasonne and bought Transamerica, and we bought Stone Kung Fu Fighting. Love!
1:06 PM Aug 9th: (It helps that Clan Gabbo is a bunch of geeks - Steve bought a game I never got to play, plus a bunch of us play City of Heroes/Villains.)
1:10 PM Aug 9th: Went out for last night pizza with T'ger, Alex and some of the camp. It's becoming an annual tradition.
1:11 PM Aug 9th: After dinner it was the last fire. Apparently when Callie said I'd look good in an orange "service husband" vest she meant it in a good way?
1:16 PM Aug 9th: Spent the night back and forth between packing and the fire. Got 4 hours sleep. Left as little as possible for others to do for me.
1:59 PM Aug 9th: Lots to do for the camp and Ball for next year - review finances, work on different ways to organize, and document our procedures.
2:01 PM Aug 9th: We left in enough time to get the cats before the kennel closed. Apparently we missed the rain by 20 minutes. Nothing worse for breakdown.
1:12 PM Aug 9th: Stay tuned! I'll keep updating through Pennsic denoument. #pennsic #sca #bluefeather
1:11 PM Aug 9th: Off to sleep now after a hot shower. Nothing like War to appreciate the creature comforts we take for granted.

Sunday, August 9
1:38 PM Aug 9th: You know you're back from Pennsic when you sleep for 14 hours.
9:35 PM Aug 9th: Getting reports back from breakdown. They didn't leave site until 7:00 pm. Ugh.

Feel free to ask questions about anything you're clueless about. Only 47.5 more weeks to go! :D
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