Esprix (esprix) wrote,

The Facebook hurts my brain

OK, so, Facebook. Mostly hate it - it's like Twitter, MySpace and every annoying forwarded chain e-mail you ever received all jerked off into a test tube, and the resulting chattering, nonsensical monstrosity that was birthed from it crawled onto the internet for all to suckle at its teats.* However, I realize it is a necessary evil if I want to keep up with certain of my friends for whom it is their only internet presence. Two questions: First, I'm assuming I can RSS their Facebook pages to my friends page here on LJ, yes? Second, anyone know how I can do the reverse and have my LJ entries feed to my Facebook page?

While you're pondering those important questions I'm going to review bovil's LJ entry that I bookmarked about how to turn off those fucking annoying apps.

Thankfully, I have only one friend who only keeps a Twitter account. Can you RSS them, too?

Anyway. Yes.

*Sorry, but I deserve to be metaquoted for that one.

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