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(nearly) Free e-book!

From mroctober:

Hello, friends,

Please spread the word:

To celebrate my forthcoming birthday, I'm offering the electronic edition of my latest short story collection, Second Thoughts, for only 1.30. That's a dime a story. The offer is good until the end of August. So if you happen to like queer and weird stories, tales of ghosts, magical wells, and lost boys, forgo your second cup of coffee and buy the pdf instead.

Here are some reviews:

"This collection is excellent for readers of the lesser-found gay supernatural fiction, or anyone appreciative of twisted tales in their many forms." - Chroma

"The stories are without exception well-wrought, fluent gems that reveal Berman's gift for taking absolutely unremarkable situations, little fragments of everyday life, or sometimes bits of popular apocrypha, and twisting them off their path into bizarre and surprising places." - Rambles

To purchase:

Um, yeah? Who wouldn't? :)
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