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Not much time left

Didn't get nearly as much done last night as I wanted to, but oh well. One more seam on the pants and they're done, and then I suppose my priority is the trim on the outift I'm making for the Ball. If I have time I'd like to start on the banner of my device, but I'm not sure if that outweighs another pair of pants or the Middle Eastern robe I want to make (not to mention all the repair work I want to do). Blah. We'll see. Gabbo is also delivering our stuff from Uncle Rashid, so at least I'll definitely have new stuff to wear.

I'm contemplating bringing my sewing machine with me. The odds of me sitting in the Barn sewing are pretty slim, although it would give me a chance to sit with Theaddy which would be fun. I'm thinking it's more likely I could spend an afternoon at Gabbo's merchant yurt, especially since they put him under the tree in the merchant area, and usually a bunch of other folks hang out there during the day. Since Q doesn't arrive until the second week, I think I could carve out an afternoon to get some stuff done, but we'll see - I'm always in full "do as the mood strikes you" mode at Pennsic. :)

Finishing up stuff here at work. I'll have everything documented and cleaned up, but I don't think I'm going to quite get all the work finished like I'd like, but it's all good. Everybody understands.

Meanwhile, you people are too lazy - post more, dammit! I need distractions! :P

(Oh, and I commissioned some artwork yesterday. Nothing spectacular, but I think I'll enjoy it. Yay!)
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