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I'm weird

Not that this is news.

moonpuppy61 prompted me to examine some of my odd habits about not losing/wasting certain items; to wit:

  • I rabidly keep pens until they actually run out of ink (this is a problem as I also like to collect pens); ditto Post-It pads, boxes of paper clips and staples,
  • I drain the last quarter inch of shampoo into the next shampoo bottle so as not to waste it
  • When the soap gets down to a sliver I weld it to the next bar
  • I count pins in my sewing and never let any escape (this is in part because I don't wear shoes around the house)
  • I've been saving fabric remnants for years in the hopes that one day I'll be able to make a patchwork tunic for Pennsic
  • I like to have 2 of everything - one to use, and one to have on hand for when the one I'm using runs out; this goes for office supplies, most things in the pantry and fridge, etc.
  • I have been known to melt the wax in a candle and either put in a new wick to use up all the remaining wax, or pour it into another candle to create some MUTANT FRANKENSTEIN CANDLE
  • I keep cheap, crappy $5 sunglasses until they literally snap in half from wear and tear (this is one thing I wish I *could* lose, as I've been wanting to invest in a quality pair for a while now since I know I wouldn't lose them)

    These and many other quirks explain my packrattedness. Not unrelatedly, it also explains at least one reason why Q hates me so.
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