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Weird past couple of days

Saturday Yudi picked up Quincy around 6:45 to head off to Palm Springs for the choir weekend. Daniel came over, woke me up, we worked on his costume, then headed to LYC coffee and dinner, then the Darkstar Halloween party at Hans & Annette's.

But Sunday was when it started to get weird when I woke up to San Diego on fire. The Cedar fire had made its way to Scripps Ranch, which is just a few miles east of us in Mira Mesa. Then it jumped the 15, which is extremely unusual (evidently the Santa Ana winds are to blame). The sky was orange, ash was falling like a very fine snow, and the smoke made all of us cough and sniffle all day long. We spent the day in front of the TV, punctuated by calls from friends with updates and asking how we were doing. It felt a little like 9/11 again. My boss called and said we would have off Monday; Daniel called to say he was leaving Alpine after he saw flames; Ben checking in to say he had to leave Tierrasanta but wasn't really in danger; David saying he just up and left to LA; family checking in asking how close we were.

When it hit Kearny Mesa and Clairemont Mesa we all got worried. Then it jumped the 805 and fire was seen in Clairemont, which is where Quincy lives. So then I'm worried about Quincy coming home as the 15, 805, 163, 52 and 8 were all closed at one point or another. He finally got home that night, and turns out he was mad at me because Saturday I'd left my phone at home while I was out and about and he was trying to reach me, and I didn't let him know (I could have used Daniel's phone), but we talked it out. And since I had off Monday, and then he found out he had off Monday (as did Myke and John and most of San Diego), he spent the night.

Monday was just as eerie out. When we got up Ben had come over, so we decided to run some errands for his Halloween costume. We hit the fabric store, Home Depot, Ralphs, In-and-Out Burger and Best Buy (bought Deathtrap, Amadeus and the extended Fellowship of the Ring with Tom's very generous gift card from my birthday, and I still have enough left for another movie - I'm thinking of getting A Simple Plan). Afterwards Quincy and I worked more on his costume, which is turning out really great. Yudi and I had a little argument over the phone because he doesn't realize that finding his shoes are not only important to how the outfit looks, and that it's going to be really hard for him to find them, but I left it up to him and he'll find out himself (no doubt he'll be wearing tennis shoes with his fabulous dress, but that's his problem now). Before bed I checked the emergency page at UCSD and discovered I had off Tuesday as well.

So today just as I got up Quincy came over, as he had off as well (can you tell this has really affected the entire county?). Today was by far the strangest day yet - orange sky, thick smoke and ash. You could actually look at the sun directly and see sunspots. It felt like we were in a movie about the day after a nuclear war. We ate a bit, watched Thumb Wars and Lilo and Stitch, took a little {ahem} "break," finished watching Lilo and Stitch :D, I made dinner, and he studied and worked on the bling-bling for his costume while we watched The Undiscovered Country, and I've been spending the night playing Starcraft, surfing the web and watching TV. And then my boss called again and said we have tomorrow off as well.

So here I am, up way too late, and no work tomorrow. I'll have to do some work on the costumes, and may run out to do some errands (and possibly look for shoes for Yudi). They'll likely have school on Thursday, but it's been so weird these past few days. I'm just lucky that all of my friends are ok, and no one lost their house (although Daniel's mother came pretty damn close).

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