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The week in review

The week with Q's brother and his fiance visiting has been going quite well.

They arrived Monday evening from NYC. Q had to go to work, so I took them out to a local place for Chinese. Many stories of Q's childhood were revealed, and I took notes. :)

Tuesday I had to work, so Q took them up to DC to go to Madame Tussaud's. I stayed late at work (had to quit and all that), so on the way home they stopped and had dinner with their uncle Ben (the guy that sold us our house), and I just came home and went to bed.

Wednesday they came down to the College for lunch, and OMG HAIR! Anyway, we had a nice lunch, then they went back up to DC to go to the International Spy Museum, which is always fun. They went to one of Q's favorite places for dinner, Jaleo, but, again, I got out of work too late to join them.

Yesterday they went to the Air & Space Museum, but couldn't get tickets to the Holocaust Memorial Museum, so they went over to the White House instead. I got out of work early and drove up to join them for an evening biking tour of the monuments, which, despite a little rain, was quite fun, and our guide was very enjoyable. After that we met up with Kyan and went out to dinner at Sette Osteria in DuPont Circle. We caught the last metro and got home way late, but it was a fun night.

Today we went out food shopping and are having folks over for Q's birthday (which is actually tomorrow). At the moment they're all drunk and singing karaoke, so, you know, typical Pride House party. :) Tomorrow we're thinking about seeing Up, and then we're heading to Lusby for a picnic sponsored by Chesapeake Pride.

Alas, they need to catch a plane quite early on Sunday morning, but that'll give me a day to rest up before it's back to work... for my last 3 weeks! w00t! :)
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