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For those who answered my my questions poll, here's the first round of answers...

Someone asked, "You realize that you scored a 98 percent compadability with me? Oh, and here's another one...What will the answer to THIS question be?"

Well, if you were queer, I'd give a damn, but since you aren't, perhaps it's time you took a walk on the wild side? ;) And the answer to this question will be, of course, the answer to this question.

Someone asked, "Do you think you'll ever make it back east for a Philly Fest, before I have to leave for the west coast for Rich's post-doc work?"

I seriously doubt it, although I am headed home in two weeks and then again at Christmas. You'll just have to come to the next San DiegDopefest! :D

Someone asked, "what did the hat say to Caprine about Frank Wu? (inquiring minds demand gossip damnit!)"

I'm assuming you read my journal entry about it? Hope that satisfied your gossipy self!

Someone asked, "What the hell's up with that big toe of yours?"

When I was a teenager I had a series of ingrown toenails on both my big toes. Unfortunately, my folks took me to a general surgeon, so of course he just ripped it out. After about six operations on both toes, someone got the bright idea to take me to a podiatrist, who burned out the root of my toenail on either side and I've never had a problem since. Unfortunately, my nails now grow pretty thick, and one grows on a curve, because of everything I went through. Ain't they gross?

Someone asked, "If I were pants would you wear me?"

Only if you matched my shirt.

Someone asked, "Ever felched or been felched?"

Nope. I've always practiced safe sex, which doesn't involve gargling sperm. And even if I didn't, that's just gross, and I'm fairly certain that 99% of my friends agree and would never do it. It is, IMHO, a homophobic myth, like gerbils.

Someone asked, "If you could have any job/career you wanted, if the money you made did not matter, what would it be?

Either working at Disneyland or being a professional party planner (with the option of being able to dismiss clients who were too anal and bossy). I'd also consider being a writer, talk show host, stand-up comedian or hustler. ;)

Someone asked, "Exactly how bad are you after my soon to be legal ass and cock? You seem very interested. What would Quincy think?

I wouldn't say no, but I mostly tease because it amuses us both. :) But now that Quincy's in my life, it's just flirting, trust me. :D

Someone asked, "like a question from me could ever be about anything other than sex... what do you remember as being your first 'reading or viewing jacking-off material'? details, please :)"

When I was in school (middle school? junior high?) someone had a porn magazine hidden in the woods near my bus stop, and it had some pictures of naked men, and I remember stalling at the bus stop after school until everyone left so I could run into the woods and look at it. I also remember my sisters bought my mother a Playgirl that we had around the house for a while until my mother caught me with it (well, that and a Playboy someone had given me, so it really confused Mom!). I don't remember jerking off to either of these, though, just looking at them.

Someone asked, "SO if i droped a thousand Pounds and became oriental would you still like cows"

How could you even ask that? Of course I'd still like cows, you thin Asian bastard! :D

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