Esprix (esprix) wrote,

A community for Minotaurs

Not that anyone had any doubts as to how wonderful and lovable and memorable and flat-out awesome Stuart was, but I highly recommend reading this:

I knew he was famous, well-known and respected in the slash community, but this... well, this is just amazing. He touched far more lives than I think even he realized, not that he'd ever be anything other than humble about it.

I started a community where people can gather to post pictures and stories and memories at minotaursfriend. I encourage folks to join up, read, and appreciate how much we're going to miss him.

(The community name is sort of a pun he'd appreciate. He once told me that his LJ name was "minotaurs" because it was "minotaurs" blog, as opposed to minotaurs' blog. Now, I think he just used that as an excuse because "minotaur" was taken on LJ, but he never copped to it. To that end, then, this will be minotarsfriend's blog, not "minotaursfriends" blog, since LJ adds the "'s" in the title. Besides, "minotaursfriends" was too many characters, but I'll never cop to it. I dunno, it makes sense to me. He'd call me a dork, of course.)

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