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Couple of updates

Some from last week, some from this past week:

* darkscydeDaniel went out of his way to get me Rice & Potatoes for my birthday, a documentary about Asian/Caucasian couples. I haven't watched it yet, but he and others have said it's good. Thank you, nene! :D

* Last weekend was a blast - Top of the Park on Friday, then dinner at Lotus Thai (where I got hit by a car backing out of a parking space, but pinoyboytoyQuincy pulled me out of the way, so it just bumped me). Saturday Daniel and udmanYudi came over early and we had breakfast at Denny's and then went shopping at the thrift stores and Halloween stores on Garnet Avenue in Pacific Beach, where we bought wigs, earrings, new drag outfits, and watched Yudi try on no less than 13 different dresses! Afterwards it was LYC coffee and dinner, then home to Q's to watch Under One Roof (amusing, lots of cute nekkid Asian bois, but not the best production value I've ever seen). Sunday it was brunch with T'Ger and his boyfriend Alex at Cody's in La Jolla, then off to the Conjecture wrap-up meeting at Darrel's (where Elisa shot off her mouth to caprineAllison), then back to Hillcrest for the LYC pot luck at Joe & Tom's (and sometimes I wish people would refrain from taking any pot shot they can at me when I'm in a cranky mood), then met up with T'Ger and Alex again for dinner at Amarin Thai (sadly, Lips was closed). Quite fun all around!

* Last I heard Dad was doing ok, but still in ICU and starting to "sundown," which is what hospital staff use to describe the inexplicable phenomenon of people going a little loopy at night. Dr. Giang explained way back when that residents learn quickly that a full dose of Haldol doesn't do squat, but like a quarter dose works, and no one knows why. Weird. But after being in the hospital from mid-March to mid-May, then going home, then going back in July, August, and September, then going home again, then going back in the hospital again just a week ago, I can understand why he's going a bit mental. (He had a similar reaction during his bladder cancer where the antidepressant made him hallucinate, plus he got ICU psychosis after a week or so in there.)

* Still no word on Q's assignment.

* thomasmMyke and jkustersJohn are off this weekend camping, so tonight I think Q and I are going to watch a movie at home, and then tomorrow morning Yudi picks him up and they're off to Palm Springs. Daniel is going to stop by tomorrow afternoon and we'll work on costumes, then it's coffee and dinner and possibly the Darkstar Halloween party at the Hellmouth. Sunday I have no plans other than a Gaylaxicon staff meeting.

* Halloween should be fun, although I'm still deciding what I want to do for a costume. Harry Potter? A carnivale outfit? Daredevil or Matt Murdock (to go with Quincy as "Q Lo")? Kato (to go with Daniel as Gogo from Kill Bill)? The mind reels, but it has to be simple and comfortable, as I need one for work and one for that night.

* Looking forward to Palm Springs Pride next weekend. Equally looking forward to heading home the weekend after that.

I think that's it.

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