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Loving these Fridays off

Work yesterday was busy, but I got a lot done. Also submitted my resume for another position on campus, kind of on the spur of the moment, so we'll see how that goes (I want to learn more about it before getting too excited, but I know the people involved and I like them a lot). Got home, crashed, woke up, and went to bed. Q, meanwhile, spent the day driving to Chicago, and made it safely (and has reportedly already scored free swag, so I'm happy - the more free stuff he gets, the less expensive stuff he buys).

Today I slept in, but went out in the afternoon to the post office, the sewing machine store (getting my machine a tune-up, drooled over the sergers, and met the gay guy who runs the place), the local computer shop (in-your-face Christian business, but Q's power supply got fried in the last power outages and they're the only ones around, although I forgot to bring it with me so I'll have to stop back tomorrow to make sure I'm getting the right one), Jo-Anne's (contemplated some linen to make myself a chiton), K-Mart (bought myself a new sewing box), Wal*Mart, McDonald's, and home.

Something's screwy with our phone service - DSL works fine, and one phone works fine, but plug the TiVo in and the line goes dead. Doesn't even matter if it's plugged into the TiVo or not. I'm sure it has to do with the power outages we had during the storms last weekend, but it's really annoying.

I also need to prep the outfits I want to make if I'm going to get anything done by Pennsic. I'm looking at a couple of pairs of Persian pants, butterfly pants, hippari, a kilt, tunics, Middle Eastern robes (not sure exactly what style yet), and whatever else strikes my fancy. I almost bought some linen today, but am hoping to hit a sale (once you're spoiled by JoMar's it's hard to shop anywhere else).

Mom was talking about visiting this weekend, but I haven't heard from her. We're going up next weekend for Wizard Con in Philly, so maybe she'll come down some time in July before we head to Pennsic.

Other than that, no plans for the weekend. I'd sew if I hadn't just dropped off my machine, so I'm thinking City of Heroes. :)

Oh, and here's a picture of the outfit I made for Q:

We didn't have time for a shot of him wearing it, but hopefully he'll have lots of pictures upon his return. They're also doing Twilight, "all that glitters" and 50's pajama party theme nights, and of course he went prepared for them all. Such a little cutie he is. :)
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