Esprix (esprix) wrote,

A sickly but somewhat productive two days

Spent the last two days home sick. Stomach/head thing, plus couldn't sleep. Ugh. Back to work tomorrow, though - lots of stuff to do before another 3-day weekend. On top of that my sewing machine needs a tune-up, Q's computer power supply seems to have given up the ghost, and the power outages have fucked up the house phone lines.

In better news, I did finish Q's chiton, and I must say I'm proud of the way it turned out. He's going to look hawt. He leaves tomorrow morning. Meanwhile Mom may come down for a day or two over the weekend - not sure yet.

I also got a call from Celeb telling me that a former member of the BF encampment told him that if other camps knew how welcome we were and what a family we've managed to create over the years, they'd be insanely jealous. That made us both feel good. :) (Oh, and if you're going, there are 5 days left to pre-reg, and only 44 days until Pennsic. Lots to do, lots to do...)

I think that's it. I wish the last few days had been more interesting, but I spent the majority of them sleeping, sewing or feeling nauseous. Bleh.
Tags: aw, bleh, clan blue feather, computer, conventions, costuming, day to day, dolls, garb, health, mom, money, pennsic, pride house, q, sca, sewing, sick, sleep, travel, warm fuzzies, weekend, work

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