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Another lovely 3-day weekend

Not that we did much. (Actually, what did we do? It's hazy.)

Thursday night we ate in. He had stuffed peppers and I had something else, I can't remember what. Friday I know we went shopping - Jo-Ann's (where I got a bunch of wacky fabric for garb), Petco, Wal*Mart, Michael's, and then Ruby Tuesday's for dinner. [Edited to add: Also took the cats to the vet for shots and a not-so-fun procedure for Posh. Not only did they act like feral animals but they looked at us sternly for an entire day.] Saturday we didn't do squat. We had multi-meat patties for dinner, but they didn't sit well with Q. We watched stuff on TiVo. We are both in love with Joel McHale.

Today the power went out twice, and Q thought he lost his phone so we were searching and cleaning for a few hours, but it was in the car. He went to work, and I made chicken stir fry for dinner. I also had nice chats with Uncle Rashid, who I'm still hoping to convince to come to Pennsic this year, Alexandros, who helped me with Q's chiton, and Gabbo and Biran, who just amuse me to no end.

Meanwhile, all weekend I've been working on his costume for this doll convention he's going to next weekend. Here's the sketch he made:

The theme is Greece as they're launching a new Wonder Woman doll. You can probably bet on seeing him wear this at the Blue Feather Ball, too.

Q leaves on Wednesday, and Mom said she may pop down for a day or two this weekend, but otherwise I'm hoping to start working with the fabric I bought to get some garb done. It's nice to have a working sewing machine and some practical knowledge of what the heck to do with it all.

That's it. Last week at work was mostly heaven - both of my bosses were out, so it was just me and the new Assistant Director. Monday it was me alone, which was even nicer. Tomorrow one boss gets back, and the other gets back on Wednesday, so I guess it's back to the grind. Ugh.
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