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A pleasant weekend

Worked quite late on Friday as we have several groups of students leaving for faraway lands this week and we wanted to get everything arranged for their departure. Alas, the little angels were unruly and hard to wrangle in their responsibilities, bless their pea-pickin' hearts, but we managed, and hopefull all will go well for them while they are abroad.

Poor Q had to work Friday night, so I caught up on some TiVo and teh intarwebs and stayed up too late. We both slept in waaaaay too late on Saturday, but still made it up to Waldorf in time to pick up his comics, go fabric shopping at the new Joanne's (a pittance compared to Jomar from the other week, but we do what we must in Amish country), get dinner at Denny's and dessert at Starbucks, and stop at Wal*Mart for sundries.

This being a rare weekend when Q didn't have to work Sunday, we got up, made breakfast, and headed up to Annapolis for MCC church services, flooring several people in the congregation who haven't seen us in months. It was nice catching up with everyone, and afterwards we stopped at the Double TT Diner for dinner.

Today is our first 4-day work week. I figured it out that they owe me enough holiday time (that must be used up before the end of the fiscal year in June) and comp time from the past academic year that I'll be able to work 9-hour days (no big stretch for me lately), use up that time making up the extra 4 hours a week, and then be able to take Fridays off. Not too exciting since Q is going back to working Sundays and every other Saturday, but it's something at least, plus it means a 4-day Memorial Day weekend, so yay. Maybe I'll get some City of Heroes time in, or at least plant the flowers I bought and some other yardwork done around the house. So much to do, so much to do...
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