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My views on online social networking

Just 'cause I've been talking about it lately, IMHO:

  • LiveJournal = meaningful substance
  • Facebook = useless fluff
  • Twitter = annoying noise

    (Feel free to substitute any blogging site for LiveJournal, and any "social networking" site like MySpace, Friendster, etc. [does anyone else remember 6degrees?] for Facebook.)

    Look, I don't hate people that use these services, exclusively or not, but I just want to clear the air for anyone who gets annoyed when I don't reply to their annoying Facebook apps that offer me the chance to give them a hug or adopt a bonsai kitten or wank their virtual pirate or whatever the fuck it is they think is cute at that particular moment and decide to send to their entire friends list, or revel in the minutiae of their lives minute-by-minute including what they passed for breakfast, the intricate mixture of smells from the bum they sat next to on the subway, an update on their co-worker's bad hair, or whatever else they can attempt to cleverly cram into a 140 character twat that I surely have neither the time nor the interest to hear about (I mean, if I don't care to hear it from Q...). I dread the Next Big Networking Thing, because anything below the level of Twitter would probably cause me to take a hostage.

    What little bit of time I have to surf the web I'd rather use constructively, which, to me, means somewhat intriguing, intelligent, meaningful, and hopefully amusing journal entries that give me an opportunity to get to know my friends a little better and understand in a bit more depth what's going on in their lives. There are quite a few people that I know both in real life and solely online that I really feel I've grown closer to by reading their LJ on a regular basis. Sure, I may not have the time to do so for every single one of my friends every day, but when I do, I feel like it's time well spent. It's kind of like the difference between going to NPR's website and reading something that I felt gave me something important to know when I was finished, as opposed to scrolling down the page of results when I Google the word "news" and getting the jist of things from gleaming the headlines.

    I mean all this in the nicest possible way. I understand everyone interacts electronically differently, and I wouldn't have it any other way, and I'll do what I can to try to keep in touch with people regardless of the medium they choose, even if I have to occasionally wade through annoying apps and tweets. Please just be kind to this ever-increasingly-grumpy old coot when he clings to his LJ, which, as one person said, "is so 5 years ago."

    (Oh, and yes, I have accounts on a lot of the services out there, but only as either placeholders or to occasionally touch base with the very few friends of mine that only use that service and none other. You'll notice, though, that they all point to my LJ and contain almost nothing of merit, or at the very least are cross-posted both there and in my LJ. No hypocrite I!)
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