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A most pleasant weekend at Mom's

Been meaning to update about our trip to Philly a couple of weekends ago...

I took Friday off from work since they owe me a ton of comp time, but still had to rush out Thursday in order to make it to the DMV before they closed. I got everything settled with the truck, and was able to drive it again on Monday. Yay! After we finished there we headed home to pack, but ended up dozing for a couple of hours, but eventually made it on the road. Stopped at the TT Diner in Annapolis (Q getting many yuks out of the fact that "TT" sounds like the Filipino word for "penis"). Posh was meowing on the way up, but overall they did ok.

Friday the Good Sister and my second-oldest nephew came down and we went to town on the backyard - drained the pool cover, raked leaves, cut the lawn, all the bigger stuff so Mom can do the stuff in the garden she actually enjoys. My mother complains about my sister being a task master, but frankly I think she's great because she's not a bitch about it. (My two sisters are fighting at the moment so I didn't get to see the Evil Sister or her kids this trip up - long story, ask if you're interested.)

After we finished at the house Q and I went boot shopping, because we were meeting up with folks to go two-stepping at Woody's Friday night and we didn't bring the right footwear. I totally lucked out and found the cutest boots for a mere five dollars at Fashion Footwear, but all Q could manage was a cute t-shirt at Aeropostale (he didn't do much dancing anyway, so the shoes he had were fine). We met up with troystar and his partner Chris, as well as dear unclrashid, who took me 'round the dance floor several times to my delight (we still got it!). It was also like some weird old home night (I blame it on the first nice weekend in months) - several old-timers came out of the woodwork to say hello (notably Ernie and Jeff and the bartender I've had a crush on for about a hundred years, whom none of you know, but I'm writing down so I remember). Q even met a gay Filipino from Aston! It was pretty cool all 'round. Afterwards we hit the Midtown Diner for breakfast, then unclrashid came back with us to Mom's to stay over.

We got up Saturday, had a lovely breakfast, and made tracks to the infamous Jomar Fabrics. They've scaled back their floorspace from the entire second floor to a smaller area on the first floor, but the $1/yard bolts were still bursting with everything we needed. Q picked up some stuff for his dolls, I picked up some hideous stuff to do clever things with, and unclrashid bought many yards of fabulous cloth to make us beautiful garb for Pennsic (or at least, that's the plan). From there we went straight into Center City to go to Happily Ever After, which reminds me of an amusing story... :)

About a million years ago when I first came out (shut UP) I was oh such wonderful friends with Steve (now tweeting as nj_linguist, which is about the last place I'd ever expect to find him, but I digress). Once I got the hang of internet dating I met Ed, and after one pleasant date decided I should hook those two up, and lo and behold they ended up together. Back then (late 90's-ish) Ed was cutting edge by selling dolls online, but decided to open a doll and toy store. While between jobs I even went and helped him out for a few weeks, which was much fun. Eventually of course I moved to San Diego, and while I was there, after 10 years together, Steve and Ed broke up. Sadness. Still, I'd see Ed online from time to time and Steve and I always seemed to run into each other whenever I was in town and in the city.

Cut to a couple of months ago when Q finally met up with an area doll club. He came back telling me about this doll dealer he met. With a shop. In Philadelphia. Named Ed. ZOINKS! They were having a birthday party for Ed's business partner, so we went and much fun catching up with everyone, as Steve also stopped in for a bit, plus defenestr8or was in the city for another gathering so he stopped in as well. Truly one of my most favorite groups of friends I've managed to snag catch-up time with in quite a long time. (For Q it was just an excuse to buy another Tonner doll, of course.)

While the party was still going, I popped out to pick up Mom from the airport, as she'd been in Florida for three weeks helping friends move and visiting her brother. We went back to catch the tail end of the party, where I succeeded in making an ass of myself and spilled orange juice all down my mother's shirt. SIGH. Anywho, it was still fun, and Mom had luggage full of clothes, so she was fine. We said our goodbyes to unclrashid and defenestr8or as they headed for Market East Station, and took Mom out to Applebee's where we thoroughly embarassed her by getting the wait staff to sing for her birthday. When we got home she peeked out back, so I flipped on the light and she was so very pleased with all the work we'd done (I'd been stringing her along telling her we had only just barely made it up Saturday morning, and she was thoroughly fooled). It was a nice birthday present for her, plus we got her a couple of little things as well.

Sunday we got up, had breakfast, did a couple more things in the yard that she wanted done, but then we had to hit the road because Q had to be at work at 6:00. He called me around 11:00 and said he was miserable sick all of a sudden, so I ran out and got him Day-Quil and such, but it was actually bad enough that he called out sick from work on Monday (almost completely unheard of for him, so you know he was feelin' poorly, poor thing, but at least it wasn't swine flu). Me, I went to work on Monday and had lovely stories to tell.

So that was it. Truly one of the nicest weekends I've had in a long time, mostly because of the good friends I got to spend time with.

(tl;dr? Went to Philly, cured cancer, bought new boots, lost my job, saw old friends, bought a boat, did some dancing, joined a convent, surprised Mom for her birthday, got married, went fabric shopping, climbed Mount Everest, went to a party, gave a penny/took a penny, Q got the flu, and stuff. :P )

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