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Random thoughts for today

Why is it I put my tea in the microwave to heat it up, and then forget it's there until the next day? Q and I laughed so hard about that tonight. :)

Had some freaky rain patterns today, and out of nowhere a HUGE thunderbolt struck campus today, and for the umpteenth time knocked out all phones in the late afternoon. Made for a quiet end of the day, at least.

I really need to write a formal reply to my review and point out exactly how much work I assumed last semester when my co-worker left. Upon reflection I don't think it was made clear enough by my boss(es).

I left work early yesterday to hit the MVA and never even made it because of my stupid insurance company. Stupid insurance company! Got it all settled today, so I'm leaving work early tomorrow to do it.

After that we're heading up to Mom's. Yesterday was her birthday (72!), so the Good Sister is meeting us at the house on Friday to do some surprise yardwork, then we're picking her up on Saturday at the airport after we go to a doll party in Philly (yes, DOLL PARTY, but at least it's with my old friend Ed who I haven't seen in probably 10 or 12 years). She's been in Florida for 3 weeks helping friends move down there, so I'm sure she'll be as happy to be home as to see us.

And how Q is off to take his pre-bedtime nap. He's SO ODD.

Food shopping last night. Laundry tonight. BEHOLD MY GAY AGENDA!
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