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Another update

Lynda called, said they met with the doctor (Ayers? not Ghyad I don't think) for over an hour. Said we shouldn't do anything right now - he could do the surgery and divert the flow into a bag but he thinks the body is healing itself (discharges have been lessening, going to take a CAT scan to track how much of what's in there has drained/is draining out), and he doesn't want to rush into surgery as Dad is still underweight and weak. He said the nurses "jumped the gun" with the respirator, that they were just being overcautious.

Tomorrow someone is coming in to talk to them about his living will, and more importantly a medical power of attorney so that we all can make decisions that are more complicated than "yes or no" on a respirator (like last night, it was a temporary solution that was worth the effort).

So basically he's still in ICU because he's so weak (he's just getting nutrition, no solid food), but everything looks good. Susan, fatalist that she is, says he's giving up because he thinks he's a burden on Mom, but Lynda (who has said the same thing) said he looked ok, he was asking questions, he just looks tired.

On that note, I'm not in a panic about going immediately this weekend, but I'm still anxious to go very soon. I'll play it by ear.


Oct. 22nd, 2003 04:57 am (UTC)
I'm glad that he seems to be doing better. The doctor sounds competent. I hope that he gets much better very soon. Prayers coming your way.

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