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Thanks for playing games with my life

Well hooray for Vermont (and a belated hooray for Iowa, too). Getting the measure passed by the legislature and not having it handled by the courts (designed, I might add, for the very purpose of preventing the will of the majority from trampling all over the rights of the minority, in case you didn't know that already) is a big win.

Reading the story, however, I'm really miffed about this particular quote:

"Rep. Jeff Young, D-St. Albans, who voted no twice because he's philosophically opposed to gay marriage, joined most other Democrats in voting to override Douglas' veto.

'I think if I wanted to continue my career here and have any chance of being effective, I had to vote with my caucus,' he said.

'You have some pet projects, you think you can help your district back home with things that need to happen,' he said. 'I want to get a railroading bill through. I wouldn't even have had a chance to testify, let alone get it through. Now, people will listen to me. It's the way the political game is played.'
Well fuck you very much, asshole. Don't worry about what's right, and forget the fact that your decisions affect millions of people's lives, you just go ahead and "play the game" to save your voter-approved career, because, you know, business as usual is far more important than my life. Yeah, that's "effective," you fucker.

P.S. It disturbs me that there's an anti group called the National Organization for Marriage - NOM. I refuse to let that affect how I look at lolcats. :)
Tags: fuck you!, legal, politics, q, queer issues, ranting and raving, razzin' frazzin', relationship stuff, righteous rage
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