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Who watches The Watchmen? We do!

Despite (or really in spite of) a lousy Thursday night and working an extra few hours yesterday, we decided to go to a Chinese buffet for dinner and went out and saw Watchmen for our Friday the 13th anniversary.

It qualified for a great film under my one rule - I lost myself in it and completely lost track of time.

I did have a few questions, though...

Why did public sentiment turn against them in the 60's? Why did Nixon outlaw them? Was it because of that one police strike? Or maybe because of The Comedian's behavior in Vietnam? Also, did I misunderstand what Dan said to Laurie at the restaurant, something about they were the only two who knew each others' identities? I must have, because that didn't seem accurate. Maybe he meant only the Watchmen knew each others' identities? But none of them knew who Rorschach was, and I think only Dr. Manhattan knew The Comedian's real identity (having worked with him in Vietnam). Hmmm...

Anywho, just a couple of small points in an otherwise brilliant film. I think they were all great characters and the actors really brought them to life nicely - Eddie was a bastard but flawed, Dan was believably middle-aged but not yet washed up, Laurie's mother was appropriately fucked up, Veidt was maddeningly both right and wrong at the same time, Dr. Manhattan's interpretation of the world from his point of view was thought-provoking, and Rorschach perfectly saw the angles that others chose to ignore.

Quincy got an animated version of the comic on DVD, so I want to watch that and/or read the graphic novel at some point. And, yes, hot lesbo action (that chick was hot!) and big blue wang (the woman sitting behind me sniggering every time it came on the screen was kind enough to remind me of that). Whatever. :)
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