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A lovely weekend

Being as Friday was our "Friday the 13th" anniversary1, and Saturday was Valentine's Day2, we indulged. Friday night we did a little shopping at Circuit City (and were a little disappointed that the prices weren't lower, but we'll go back again as they get more desperate), then we went to Olive Garden for dinner, and finally went and saw Push, which was indeed quite interesting (although I'm sure others have found plot holes that I know I'm missing).

Saturday Q was off, so we stayed in, I made dinner, and we watched Batman: Gotham Knight and - finally! - The Dark Knight. A great film, no doubt, although someone needs to cut some nose holes in Christian Bale's mask because his Batman voice sounds like he's got stuffed up sinuses. Ledger, of course, owned the Joker, as did Eckhart with Two-Face. I'm definitely interested in seeing the next film now.

Sunday was spent lounging and playing Starcraft. Today is work, but it's quiet so far, so it's all good. :)

1We met on a Friday the 13th and have a little celebration every time one rolls around.
2Not that it matters - Q calls it a "Hallmark Holiday" and refuses to celebrate it. My little counterrevolutionary.
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