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It's so hard raising parents these days...

Hoo boy - Mom and I had a gay talk tonight. You know, just when I think she's made progress, she hasn't. It's one of those "two steps forward, one step back" things. Lots of stuff came out - she thinks she might have done something wrong for me to turn out gay, I used to kiss the girls in elementary school at recess (to make them cry, duh), Slimeball from high school might have turned me gay (when previously she'd said it was my current roommate), she likes my friends but not even a liberal parents *wants* their child to turn out gay, there might be some choice and/or environmental reasons, blah blah blah. Also mentioned that my cousin, who for 42 years never went on a date with a guy (and the whole family therefore assumed was a lesbian), has found a man and have been dating for over 2 years now - the implication being that I might someday meet "the right girl." And for good measure, she asked why I can't date any "normal" guys (meaning, of course, caucasian).


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