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I found my toys today, oh, joy…

Weekend was too short and very dull, so instead I give you the toys I have lining my new workspace:

  • Mini inflatable beach ball
  • Round slinky and Mickey Mouse shaped slinky
  • Turtle bobblehead
  • Staples “That Was Easy!” button
  • Squishy ball, construction hat, Stan Marsh, pineapple, cruise ship, UB bison, happy fun ball, Earth, and bulldozer
  • Pluto, Sleepy, Goofy, David Kawena, and Squirtle figures
  • Eiffel Tower
  • Globe paperweight
  • Picture clip
  • Miniature catapult
  • Rubber rock and Earth
  • Mini bottle of olive oil
  • Sleepy, Buddah and blue-footed boobie figurines
  • Picture of Posh and Prince
  • Decorative bag of darjeeling tea
  • Rainbow ribbon and flag
  • Mickey Mouse Pez dispenser
  • Wind-up Francis, walking Mickey Mouse feet, and Heimlich
  • Bag of Boston baked beans
  • Talking “thank you” pen
  • Bag of laughs
  • Two tins of Disney mints
  • Quacking rubber duck
  • rolling eyeball
  • Pokeball w/Squirtle

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