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Notes for today

I actually left work on time, but only because I had to hit the FedEx box before their evening pickup (as good an excuse as any). On the way home I stopped to buy a new belt and ended up hitting a 75% off clearance sale at JC Penney's, so I ended up spending about $150 in one of my bi-annual clothes shopping sprees. (This after going to Wal*Mart last night to pick up 2 things, and ended up buying a bit more, including a toy Condor on clearance for $9, but if Q can have his dolls, I can have my Storm Hawks!)

I got home and was amused by the kitties. It's amazing how five minutes with the laser pointer can tucker them out for the rest of the night. :)

Also forgot to mention that on Tuesday when the College closed at noon Q took this as a sign for me to drive him to the airport. All his arguments about not wanting to drive in the snow and saving money on parking were for naught - it didn't take me long to figure out all he really wanted was a chauffeur so he could take a nap. His face when I confronted him was priceless. (He drove himself, 'natch.)

That's it. I'm watching 6teen in all its glorious slashiness, doing laundry, and defrosting the house heater so I don't freeze to death tonight.

Tomorrow: HAIRCUT.
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