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Work, weather & weekend

Back to work today. Alas, we were about two degrees too warm to get the ice storm I was hoping for.

Enjoyed my half day yesterday, though. I got home in time to help Q finish packing, and then he was off to the airport to head to Sacramento for a few days to visit with his family (his sister just had another baby, and his parents are in from Guam visiting). Needless to say, I wasn't invited, but given the amount of drama in his family, I don't think it's such a bad idea to avoid even more by my physical presence (my presence in his life is drama enough for them). After he left I took a nap, watched some TV, had a nice dinner, and relaxed.

I also wanted to mention that Gaymas last Friday was simply smashing. We had eight people total, with a nice roast beef dinner and lots of pomegranate martinis. With only one hookup and one nosebleed (some people should NOT do poppers, apparently), this was a less dramatastic Gaymas than usual, but Q still says webcams would have been fun. :) After taking our one planned and one unplanned overnight guest to IHOP for breakfast Saturday morning, the rest of the weekend was spent lazing about, as Q was feelin' poorly.

Q doesn't understand it, but the prospect of five days alone leaves me giddy with excitement. I'm planning to take down the rest of the Christmas decorations, get a lot of laundry done, get a haircut, and hopefully get the car in to get re-fixed (the new starter they put in is still giving us problems). BEHOLD MY WILD SINGLE LIFE!
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