Esprix (esprix) wrote,

How Not To Succeed In Writing (or, Death Threats Do Not Help)

I'm posting this, too:

How Not To Succeed In Writing, which includes a breakdown of Kevin Reardon (aka Cole A. Adams) encouraging Steve Berman (aka mroctober) - anonymously, mind you - to commit suicide and take his cat with him, all because of a throwaway one-sentence opinion of one of his stories. When his identity is revealed, he not only continues his asshaberdashery, but then threatens Steve's life.

OMFG. I nominate him as the First Fucktard of 2009.

Thankfully, word is getting around, and I'd like to help:

Congratulations on fucking up your non-existent career, Reardon! I look forward to super-sizing my meal from you soon!
Tags: drama, friends, lj, omg!, wtf?

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