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Feelin' kinda classy

I just heard Poulenc's Gloria on our local NPR station, and it reminded me that I'd performed it years ago (can't remember if it was one of the high school choral events I attended or something I did in college). What a great piece! He was such a creative writer. I'm going to have to pick up a copy somewhere.

It also reminded me I'm woefully short on classical music in my library. Another piece I've been wanting to pick up is Orrf's Carmina Burana, but I'm extremely picky about the soprano solo in the "Dulcissime" "In trutina" - the woman who performed with us when I did it in college moved me to tears, and if I can't find another soprano who phrases it as she did I may never be satisfied.

I really should dig up all my old performances and make digital copies for posterity.
Tags: introspection, music, shopping

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