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More about Majel

In reading and remembering more about Majel Barrett, I'm reminded of all of her pivotal and memorable roles:

  • Number One - A female first officer! OMG! Eventually they chose the weird alien (Spock) over the strong female, no matter how well she did in the role. Go figure.
  • Nurse Chapel - Unrequited love played so honestly, plus she had a good rapport with DeForrest Kelley.
  • Computer voice - made it into all 5 series (including 2 episodes of Enterprise), plus spoofed herself in an episode of Family Guy.
  • M'Ress - A breakthrough character in that it wasn't some guy in a rubber suit, and for years Trek fans thought cartoons would be the only way we'd see alien species we could buy on television.
  • Lwaxana Troi - I'm sure her most enjoyable, and certainly most scene-chewing role, and one of the rare characters to make it into more than one series.
  • Lady Morella - Certainly a pivotal role in Babylon 5, and so glad she was able to do it.
  • Dr. Julianne Belman - A small role in Earth: Final Conflict, but more memorable because she managed to create a respectable show out of Gene's old notes (I really enjoyed the series until the last season, myself). She also brought Andromeda to life as well in the same way.
  • "Q-in-Law" - On a long road trip to Chicago many years ago, we entertained ourselves with the book-on-tape version of this Peter David novel, read by Barrett and John DeLancie, and it was the funniest thing I think I've ever heard. Not only did she do all the female roles and he all the male, but the premise of the book was that Q decides to marry Lwaxana Troi to experience love... and then dumps her after he'd given her the power of the Q. Hilarity ensues! Truly a memorable work for me. :)
She will always truly be a Grand Dame of science fiction fandom, and will be truly missed.
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