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My birthday weekend wrap-up

Friday night Quincy met me at Bourbon Street for an Umbrella Group happy hour (got to see my lesbian sister Debbi), and then a bunch of us ate at Brians', then Q and I stayed over my place.

Saturday I shooed Q out early for a wedding he needed to go to, slept in, hit LYC coffee, back to Q's to change clothes, and then it was off to the Peacock Cafe at the Red Lion Hanalei Hotel for my fabulous birthday party! Quite a lot of fun was had by all, especially me, as I was surrounded by my good friends in one of my favorite places to eat. Just to remind myself of what thank you cards to send (and to make you all jealous, of course), here's a rundown of what I got (and I'm too lazy to include nifty links, so Google them your own damned self!):

* Daniel got me a pair of white sneakers to replace my tres chic 80's hightops that I've been wearing since 1986, and he says there's something else in the mail for me that he'll give me Wednesday. Hold me, I'm scared!
* Myke & John got me the Killer Bunnies violet and red booster packs, Under One Roof on DVD, and two hand towels that said "Top" & "Princess" (Quincy gets the Princess one, I swear!). Remind me never to let them go to Rainbow Road again...
* Yudi pre-ordered Finding Nemo on DVD for me, plus got 4 prints from the movie that went with it, and a walnut picture frame so I can put a good picture of me and Q in it. He put it all in a bag with a hunky guy on the front, but I gave him to Kris (and Darrel figured it would get her hot n' bothered enough that he would reap the benefits).
* Tom got me two Lindt chocolate bars (some of my favorite chocolate), and a Best Buy gift certificate (not sure how much yet).
* Darrel & Kris got me a print of Beth Hanson's "Summer Oak" from the Conjecture art show.
* CJ, a last-minute invite from Daniel, got me a Batman action figure and Batman: The Movie on DVD (the Adam West version).
* Bill got me five pounds of Trader Joe's chocolate. It felt like a gold brick under that wrapping!
* Hoai got me The Lion King platinum edition DVD - go Hoai!
* Pat & Johnny got me the neatest little Buddah statue, but I'm torn whether to put it at home or at work.
* Eugene came late, but got me a keen leather case in a Spongebob Squarepants bag.
* David, bless his heart, also pre-ordered me Finding Nemo but said he'll keep it for himself and go check out my wish list. :)
* And finally, Quincy got me a very gay-looking cow statue and a very sporty/hip belt watch (not to mention the harbor dinner cruise and the first three seasons of Babylon 5 on DVD on Wednesday, plus organizing the party - I love you, honey!)

Daniel brought Arvin, his new potential beau, but unfortunately a couple people couldn't make it - Ben was celebrating his mom's birthday, Robbie got sick, Allison was swamped with work, Adam and Rebecca had out of town guests, and Dr. Ed flaked (as usual). There were others I invited but I knew they weren't coming, like Christopher, Glenn & Bob, Stanton & James, Joe & Tom, Peter, Sandra & Jim, etc., plus some folks who were locationally challenged but still would have been cool if they'd been able to make it. After dinner we went two-stepping for a bit at Kicker's with Eugene and Yudi, and then headed home.

Saturday I also got a check from Mom and Dad for $135, but the best gift I could get is if I go home and visit soon (which, should I take Myke and John up on their GENEROUS offer to help me out in that regard, would count as their birthday and Christmas gifts to me, and then some!). I still need to sit down with my finances, look at fares, and decide what would work best. At this point I'm looking at November, which puts us near Thanksgiving, and Christmas isn't that far off at this point anyway, so... I'm torn as to what to do. I'll figure it out, though.

Sunday we slept in, made breakfast, watched some TV, went to see Lan Yu over Raphael's with GAMNET, had dinner at Me-n-Ed's, a new pizza joint in Hillcrest, did some dancing at Detour at Kicker's (well, he did - I watched), dropped Quincy off, and stayed just long enough to wish him a happy four-month anniversary. :D

And to top it off, he came to work today (he had off for Columbus Day but UCSD doesn't) and got to meet my co-workers (who have all been dying to meet him, as I have three pictures of him on my desk and talk about him all the time), and we went and grabbed lunch at CUPS. He asked how come everyone knew him already, and I told him how much I talk about him, and he said, "I don't do that where I work." {sigh} This military thing sucks for both of us, but I'm not dwelling - there's nothing we can do about it, so we just have to go with the flow. Regardless, I know he loves me, and that's what counts. We're happy. :)

Updated 10/14/03 - Now with hyperlinks!

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