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Friday survey - Hooray!

For some reason while driving to lunch today I was trying to come up with different ways people cheer, or just shout general exclamations. For example:

  • Boring white folks like me say, "Hooray!", "Yippee!" or "Yahoo!"
  • Shakespeare would have said, "Huzzah!"
  • SCAdians from the East say, "Vivat!"
  • pinkvinylangel taught me, "Opa!" (and he's ever so cute when he does it)
  • Those in the Army, Marines or Navy might say, respectively, "Hooah!", "Oorah!" or "Hooyah!"
  • Jews would say (at least under certain circumstances), "Mazeltov!" (I know that's more "congratulations")
  • Some Chinese friends of mine say, "Aiyah," but I think that's more of a term of frustration or shock
  • adventdragon taught me the Filipino expression, "Ay nako!" which is also sort of exasperation or surprise
So what am I missing?
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