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Thanksgiving weekend

So the weekend was good and restful and fun, if not as productive as I would have hoped.

Went food shopping Tuesday night, only to discover A Certain Someone wanted the full-on Thanksgiving experience, so we had to go food shopping again on Wednesday. Thursday I spent the afternoon cooking, then the evening eating and napping. Friday I had hoped to get a few things done, but I was waylaid by A Certain Someone who wanted to go shopping, which we did, hitting the paltry collection of stores we have down here (from north to south, Michael's, Target, Petco, Ross, 5 Guys for dinner, Best Buy, K-Mart, Wal*Mart, and Big Lots). We only picked up a couple of things, but it's a start. Saturday Q had a wedding reception in the evening, and Kyan came over for a bit and we played Blink. After that Q went to work. We both slept in way too late yesterday because it was overcast and rainy and cold, and he went to work and I went blah all over the couch for the day.

So that leaves me with a lovely, restful weekend, but still a full list of things that need to be done. Ah, well. And today it's back to work - very difficult getting out of bed so early this morning. Only 3 weeks to Christmas break! :)

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