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For my SCAdian friends

Two amusing threads:

The first, in which some simple advice is offered in sca, followed quickly by drama of the highest, and finest, order. Alas, the original reply is gone, but it amounted to, "This is yet another example of the condescending, rude and insincere CLASSIST attitudes in the SCA," calling upon all those who fit that description to wear a favor emblazoned with a tampon (including the obligatory picture of one).

Some agreed - in fact, I think all of us in the SCA can agree that Authenticity Nazis are, indeed, condescending, rude and insincere. However, heaped upon this particular post was wholly unwarranted (which, of course, the person who replied now denies they were implying at all), and the vast majority of people are calling this person on their own condescension, rudeness and insincerity. Hilarity ensues - over 600 replies and counting!

The second thread was a follow-up post in sca_snark about the first thread.

I haven't seen this much SCA drama since Pennsic! :)
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