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Thoughts on the "protection" of marriage

I'm hearing Prop 8 in California is leading in votes towards passing, but it's close enough that the absentee ballots may make a difference, so I'm holding out hope. Still disappointed with losing in Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado and Florida.

I have to say, though, that I'm not too worried. The way I've always predicted this will go is that somewhere along the line all these marriage bans will end up at the US Supreme Court and get struck down, if for no other good reason (of which there are many), due to full faith and credit. In California's specific case, they now have two conflicting laws in the state constitution - one says equality, one says not. This, too, will end up back in the courts, and if the California Supreme Court follows its own precedence it will rule that Prop 8 conflicts with equality, and will be struck down. That's part of their job, is to clarify when things conflict. It'll just take a little longer.

Needless to say, this affects us, as Q and I are definitely on the path to get married, and were going to pursue it further after we moved. (We will anyway, but this just kind of sucks for us, and even more so for all the other couples that are already married - yet another legal quandry they'll have to deal with.)

At least Michigan is allowing some legalized marijuana and stem cell research, Colorado and South Dakota didn't outlaw abortion, and Washington will allow for assisted suicide for terminal patients.
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