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This weekend

Nice weekend at Mom's. Got out of work slightly early (delayed by snooty faculty who don't appreciate the amount of work that goes into making their lives easier), but still made it to Philly by 9. Saturday we went to Booth's Corner, shopped, and had dinner with Mom's friends. When we got home I spent time setting up her new digital cable and cable modem (both fruitlessly, as it turned out to be confounded by technological limits I didn't anticipate), as well as getting other stuff done that she needed. Today we got up and got home, as Q has to work tonight (and most nights this week, it seems). Meanwhile we may or may not have overnight guests on Thursday, and I'm trying to plan something spooky and fun for Halloween for the kiddies, but all the stores have switched over to Christmas, so I'll have to play it by ear.
Tags: christmas, computer, day to day, family, food, friends, halloween, holiday, mom, philly, q, razzin' frazzin', shopping, travel, work

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