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Another Weekend of Fun

So meant to post about the weekend.

Thursday we had a date night, so we went food shopping and had dinner at Cici's. Hoo baby, we're a wild pair. Friday was spent mostly catching up on TiVo and chatting with friends.

Saturday it was pouring rain so I slept in, but we did get our butts in gear and headed up to Annapolis for the Maryland Ren Faire, where we met up with Tyrvan, who got us in and toured us around a bit, including showing us backstage to see revkellyshannon. Whilst out and about I was molested by amywon, and then we ran into Finn, who escorted us for the rest of the afternoon. It was the first permanent Ren Faire I'd been to - even all those years in PA I never went to theirs, and I went to a weekend one in San Diego once, which doesn't quite count - and I have to say I was impressed. It truly did look like what Pennsic would look like if it were permanent and we let in looky-loos (if Pennsic were permanent and just for us, I'd move there!). It was a beautiful setting and there were a lot of really lovely people. I went in garb, but Q wimped out and went naked, which serves him right as he was wearing wussy sneakers and I was wearing my big waterproof boots, and there was mud everywhere (we were actually quite lucky that by the time we got there the rains had finally passed, and there was a LOT of it on Saturday). We didn't buy anything, but it was fun to see the many merchants, watch a little bit of the jousting tournament, sample some of the various foodstuffs they'd come up with, and just walk around and enjoy the ambiance. Afterwards we went to Applebee's for dinner, and poor Q had had a few too many, so he all but passed out before we even got to the car.

That was actually about it. Q had to work Sunday, so I slept in and spent the day putzing around doing chores and whatnot. Conjecture was also this weekend, but I haven't heard how my artists did (I sent work from Thalia and akirashima).

The work week has already been a grind. Work's been crazy since we're down one person, and it's only now that we're into the groove of the semester that I don't quite feel like I'm drowning (of course mid-semester grades and a big due date are looming, so it's only a matter of time before I'm awash again).

This Friday there's an LGBT pot luck that they're trying to do as a regular thing, and we know a few people who are going, so we'll check that out. Next weekend is Gaylaxicon, which is just going to be awesome, of course. (Something else is happening next Wednesday, but I'm sure it's nothing important.) After that we've been invited to a bowling party in Baltimore later in October, we're not quite sure what we're doing for Halloween yet, and we're already starting to think about Thanksgiving and beyond (like a December trip to WDW with Mom, but we'll see how things go).

Hope everyone else is doing well. :)
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