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Update on Mom

Mom called while I was on my way home from work to let me know she's home.

After they admitted her yesterday they put her on morphine, but she said it didn't do any good. They took an MRI and a CAT scan and it showed no infection (they never did give her a precautionary antibiotic like I thought Lynda said they did), so they think it's just a severe sprain. They gave her percodan (which she says also doesn't help), and at 4:00 said she could go home, so Lynda came all the way back down and took her home. Now they told her not to exercise it, but to stay in bed if it hurts and in a few weeks it'll feel better. She's also considering seeing a chiropractor, which I think would help.

In the meantime she's laid up in bed, and Dad's still in the hospital. They keep telling him he can go home soon, but they want him to eat more. I think they not only realize that he's not a big eater to begin with (and my friends wonder where I get it from - as Dad always says, "I may not eat much, but what I eat, I enjoy"), but that my sister has been bringing in some of his favorite foods (pot roast from Bob Evans, my mom's scones and sausage) that he's been eating but hasn't shown up on his chart as part of his caloric intake. Hopefully, though, since he's been doing so well, it's only a matter of a few days, which will do them both a world of good.

I told her to make a list of all the people available to help her - Marilyn, Sissy, Mary, John Dibo, Lisa, even Natalie - and rotate through them if she needs to call someone for something, like a run to the store or something, since she can't drive and it's going to be hard for her to even get around the house for a while (she did say she can still take care of the cat - that's easy, although his litter box needs changing soon). Hopefully that'll help her.

But at least she's home and in good spirits. Dad'll be home soon. Then I'll come visit, and it'll be like it never really happened. :D ("What have you been all bitching about the past few months, sitting home and eating bon-bons? You just wanted me to come home, didn't you?" :D )

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