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Quickie update

Pressed for time with Conjecture coming up, but I wanted to put an update in while I had a second.

Wednesday I picked up the ceramics after work (they all turned out great), and then David and Bill came over and we played Strange Synergy and Fluxx.

I stayed in Thursday, but I can't remember what I did. I guess I did Conjecture stuff, probably watched some Farscape. Ugh.

Edited 2:28 PM: Ah, yes - as Daniel reminded me, he and I went out to dinner. I went home, laid down for a few minutes, then got myself together and picked him up. We dropped off some stuff at his friend Ben's new apartment, and went and had a nice cheap dinner at Mister Sister's, a new sports burger joint on 5th in Hillcrest. Took the time to catch up on work, life, stuff (it's been way too long). Yudi complains that I don't spend enough time with him (between Quincy, Conjecture and LYC), but at least I see him at LYC functions - Daniel hasn't been to gaming in quite a while, and unless we make the effort our paths wouldn't cross at other events, and I'm going to make that effort more often as I do miss knowing every intimate detail of Daniel's life. Afterwards he showed me the latest PS2 game he won, and then I went home and got some stuff done, including talking to Quincy about us being MFEO.

Friday Lynda called and said she'd just left Mom in the ER. Seems she'd thrown out her back at some point, between the stress, trying to get the cement blocks out of the pool (she put them down on the solar cover when hurricane Isabelle hit and they fell in during the storm), and evidently she was coming down a ladder changing a lightbulb and missed the last step. She was in a lot of pain since Wednesday and she'd been taking Tylenol with codeine, but it got so bad she was crying and couldn't move, so Kim said take her to the ER. Lynda was calling after several hours with her (she had to get home to the kids), and said Susan was on her way to take over, and the wait was so long Lynda wants to complain to the hospital.

Friday night Jazz and David were in town from Indonesia, so me, Quincy, Yudi, David, Hoai, someone else (who the heck was it?) and two guys I hadn't met before, Ron and James, went to Jimmy Carter's for dinner, then out to Bourbon Street afterwards. James is a stitch! I'd love to hang out with him again. And there were a bunch of cute boys there (Asians for me, white bois for Quincy). Still, it all bores me to tears. Q stayed over my place that night.

Saturday I had a 9:30 meeting with the hotel to redo the BEO's, and Susan calls (deliberately early to wake me up, I might add). She filled me in that Mom never made it into a room - after waiting several hours, they took x-rays and said she'd just pulled something, gave her percocet, told her to exercise and move around more, and sent her home, so she was going to sleep all day. I went to my meeting (which went very well - the hotel really likes us), went home, got some paperwork done for G'con, picked up Quincy, went to LYC coffee and dinner at Kitima Thai, stopped by Obelisk, the porn store, Wherehouse Music, and bought donuts, went home, watched the episode of Oprah with Beyonce Knowles (Q's favorite performer these days) and an episode of Jiminy Glick, and then we went to bed. Busy but productive day.

Sunday morning Susan called again (and again early in the morning just to wake me up - she's such a bitch - but fortunately Michael knew better and didn't wake me up), but I didn't talk to her until later because I had the final Conjecture staff meeting. Unfortunately, it lasted four hours (another annoying marathon meeting), and I ended up having to skip the LYC pot luck I had planned on stopping by at. Bleargh. Went home, got something to eat, and headed out to the Gaylaxicon staff meeting, which I kept short since everyone there is also working Conjecture. I put together a good PR (and discussed firing my publicity chair), and we talked about the cons we'd been at, including Coppercon (which went ok) and Worldcon (which created much drama), plus doing Conjecture this weekend and Loscon in November. After the meeting I dropped off a few flyers around Hillcrest for both Conjecture and San Diego Queer Sci-Fi.

Susan had called during the meeting but had left work when I called her back, so I talked to Lynda and she filled me in on Mom (see below). Afterwards I stopped at Quincy's because he was so understanding this weekend when I was running around like crazy, and we spent some quality time (not before being interrupted by Yudi calling to say he officially is no longer dating David - evidently they had a little heart to heart coming back from Phoenix and Yudi can't give David what David wants from him).

Turns out that even though they hadn't admitted her on Friday, the percocet didn't help and the pain was still bad, so Sunday afternoon she went back to the ER and they admitted her. Now they're thinking that when she pulled whatever she pulled she may have gotten an infection, so she was on IV painkillers and an antibiotic just to be sure (I think that's what she said).

So Lynda just called and said that after more tests it looks like Mom sprained something, so they're giving her physical therapy (which of course she's being a baby about) and should be out in a couple of days with outpatient PT. They told Dad this morning, but Mom went over to see him so he felt better.

On an interesting note, I got a very gracious offer for the chance to head home without having to worry about money (which is a concern right now). I'm not sure if I'm going to accept it or not, but I wouldn't be able to get home until at least the week after Conjecture, if not two weeks if a birthday bash is being planned for me (although that can wait if need be). I'm debating what I want to do at this point, but since payday is Wednesday I should have a better idea of what my finances are going to look like for the month, so we'll see.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed and frustrated, but I know things are in good hands at home, and I know the con this weekend will go well.

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