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Artwork + GIP

Two more pieces of artwork I got at Pennsic. The first was a commission from a friend of akirashima's, a young budding artist (and very sweet girl) named Amy, who was taking commissions, and after I saw what she'd done for Derek and Lucien I liked it so I figured I'd do my part to support the arts:

The second was when I discovered Tobias was a budding artist himself and asked him to draw me something. What I got was a reenactment of me and Quincy at the San Diego Zoo when I discovered why I was the king of the white faced whistling ducks (ask if you want the whole story):

Plus, you know, GIP. Finally found a winged man graphic I liked for an icon (not that I don't have a ton of winged men pieces to choose from these days). Still need to come up with an art biz icon.

Stay tuned - I bought two more prints that should be arriving by mail soon!

Edited to add: Some of the replies are NSFW. Just so's ya know.
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