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Behold my Gay Agenda!

A most busy weekend. Friday afternoon Q came down and we had lunch with a new queer staff member on campus, who Q liked because he drinks, too. (Kind of late in the game to make new friends down here, but what the hell.) We gave the house a thorough cleaning both Friday night and Saturday, much needed after several weeks of pre-Pennsic planning and neglect. Yesterday we went shopping for a new house phone system and other odds and ends, plus I started to really dive into my Pennsic laundry (I was kind of surprised how much garb I *didn't* wear this year - I have too much anyway, plus I made more, and the weather cooperated for a change so I was wearing stuff I hadn't worn in years).

This week it's working on resumes, bills and other mundane chores. At some point we need to make an Ikea run and see Kyan's new place in DC, plus head back up to Mom's.

And now, just to make your Monday more interesting, here's a print I got from Sandra SanTara at Pennsic this year (more original artwork to come once I scan it):

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