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New games!

Since I just updated my list, I figured I'd fill you in on a couple of games I bought at Pennsic this year:

  • Blink, which to me looks like a cross between Uno and Set.

  • Kill Doctor Lucky... and His Little Dog, Too!, the expansion to the Kill Doctor Lucky board game which I bought previously but haven't actually played yet.

  • The Red Dragon Inn, which Corey recommended to me (Slugfest Games did a demo in his comic shop), is a game based on what happens when your D&D group is spending their gold after a successful campaign.

  • Tiki Mountain!, which Corey also recommended to me from Slugfest, where you are an island native determined to make it to the top of the mountain to sacrifice yourself to the volcano gods (think Chutes and Ladders with DEATH).

I also picked up a deck of clear playing cards, and a bunch of games to leave at War for when it rains or I get in the mood to game (basic stuff - Uno, Jenga, Twister, Rummikub, cards, and a chess/checkers/backgammon set). Granted there's a gaming tent now (in no small part thanks to mikekn's efforts), and a darn good Medieval and mundane gaming merchant on site, but it's nice to have stuff handy just in case (plus last year that's how I ended up with my copy of Tsuro). I haven't played any of the ones I bought yet, but I'm looking forward to it! :D
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