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Weekend wrap-up

So I survived the new students this week... barely. Ugh. Had a nice weekend, though - went to Chesapeake Pride up in Annapolis this weekend with Ro and Kyan (whose boyfriend went to Gaylaxicon in San Diego - weird!), and ran into a bunch of friends from MCCC. Ended up winning a raffle of a large collection of booze, much to Q's drunken delight. We stopped off at Annapolis Mall and got a call that we won another raffle after we left (I think it's a gift certificate - not sure yet). Came home, crashed, slept in today, caught up on Avatar and Doctor Who, and got some sewing done. 6 days to Pennsic! w00t! Now I just have to get through this week...
Tags: conventions, costuming, doctor who, fandom, food, friends, gaylactic network, gaylaxicon, gifts, glee, pennsic, q, queer issues, sca, shopping, travel, tv, w00t, work

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