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A mighty update!

I've been wanting to catch up with some day to day updates, so here's a recap of our July 4th weekend:

Q had to work over the weekend prior to July 4, so I stayed home working on various projects. I was up late Sunday night working on finishing the coursework for the class I was taking, but when I finally got to bed I could *not* get to sleep. By 4:40 am I figured I likely wasn't going to make it into work, so I called out first thing in the morning and managed to get some sleep by the afternoon. Fortunately I was able to get more work done on my classwork that night. (It's a self-paced at-home course with various assignments to be turned in, and although they give you weekly timelines, you really only need to just make sure everything gets in within 30 days; of course, I procrastinated and waited to do everything at the last minute, as is my wont. Hee!)

I went into work Tuesday, worked on my classwork more Tuesday night, went into work Wednesday, and ended up leaving at lunch to finally finish. At the same time a huge crack developed in Q's windshield, so I took some time to fix that, plus we had to make the arrangements to board the cats for the weekend, so I was still up late Wednesday night, but I finally finished all my classwork. Yay! (Fortunately all the time I spent on the class I get back in comp time, since it's specifically for work. It's a class to hone my Access skills, which thankfully will also benefit me with my art biz and Q's doll biz.)

Thursday morning I got up and dropped off all my classwork on campus, then came home to pack and get ready to go. Q ended up having to stay late at work, which put us behind schedule, but we were able to get a later train. We dropped the cats off at the kennel (Prince was NOT happy), and the engine light went on while we were driving up, but we made it safely. Unfortunately our train got in to NYC too late to get up to our final destination at a reasonable time, so we ended up staying overnight with our friend Maryrose in Manhattan.

Friday morning we got up early and hopped the train to meet our friend Bobbi, where we were whisked away to the Woodbury Common outlet mall. After meeting her mother we did some whirlwind shopping at some pretty good July 4 sales. Q ended up with a bunch of stuff from Armani Exchange, and I picked up a few things from Geoffrey Beene and Aeropostale. Much fun was had by all. :)

Afterwards we were going to stop by the local mall, but for some inexplicable reason they closed early. Very odd. Instead we had dinner at TGI Friday's, and of course made the wait staff sing for Q's birthday. :) Afterwards we went to Monticello Raceway to watch the most lame fireworks display I have ever seen. Seriously. Three guys with road flares running around setting off the same five displays over and over and over again. I have never in my life seen a fireworks show where the audience was bored into silence. Yeah. But it was made up for with the $6 midnight breakfast buffet, and losing $7 at the penny slots before calling it a night. :)

I got to sleep in a bit Saturday while Q schmoozed with Bobbi and her family (she's his fag hag), but then we made a pilgrimage to the Tonner doll store, where Q and Bobbi mooned and gushed and had a great chat with their doll doctor (heck, I even found a doll I liked). After that it was lunch at Friendly's, then we decided to do some shopping before seeing a movie.

They took me to Steve & Barry's, where I went a little nuts. Now let us never speak of this again.

Afterwards we went to see Wall-E, which was just adorable. I really loved how every single person (or robot) Wall-E encountered he changed, without even trying to - just by being himself. Another win for Pixar. Oh, and I hope they do more cartoons with Alec Kazaam - very funny! :) After that it was off to the Liberty Diner for another midnight breakfast fest (we did a lot of eating and shopping this weekend).

Sunday we were up and off quickly to catch the train back to NYC, then Amtrak back to BWI. We stopped in Waldorf for Borders and dinner at Boston Market, then home. It was a fabulous weekend, but quite a whirlwind.

There's been some shakeups at the hospital where Q works, so they put him on the night shift for a few days. Before he went into work on Monday he went and picked up the cats, and for all our talk of them getting along so well, the owner said she almost put them in seperate cages because Prince was being very aggressive towards Posh. I think it was just that he was wigged out being in a strange environment, but it's food for thought for the next time we go away.

Meanwhile I went back to work as well, and next week is our big new student orientation week, so we've been uber busy getting ready. My new boss also started on Monday, but I haven't spent a lot of time with him yet.

I've been spending my evenings this week just playing catch-up and doing chores around the house. Pennsic is only 2 weeks away - gah! I have much to do - more sewing, packing, etc. I'm driving up for the full two weeks, but because of Q's work situation he's only able to get away for four days the first week, but last night we found a cheap airfare to get him up and back so he can make the most of it. Mom wants us to come visit soon, but I don't think it's going to be likely with all this going on.

So that's the last couple of weekends in a nutshell. :)
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