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Kitty problems

Anybody know a good kitty psychiatrist?

Posh has taken to pissing on our bed, and we need some advice on how to correct this behavior.

The first time we went away for a weekend we had a good friend who loves cats stop in and feed them twice a day. By Sunday night, before we got home, one of them had shit outside the litter box. We didn't make a big deal of it at the time, figuring she (we assume it wa Posh, not Prince) was mad at us. She did it a couple more times over the next two weeks, but eventually stopped (and of course we made sure the litter box was kept clean, re-introduced her to it, etc.)

The next time we needed to go away was just overnight, so we thought we'd give it another try. (We looked into boarding them, but even the kennel was like, "They're cats - do you really need to board them for one night?") We decided to leave them in the bedroom, giving them access to their litter box in the master bathroom. We got home, and everything was in order... until about an hour after we got home. Shit outside the litter box *and* pissed on the bed (thankfully we had a comforter down as a bedspread, so we could wash that and didn't need to worry about the mattress). This time we weren't so forgiving - they both got their noses rubbed in it (we *think* it's her, but we haven't actually caught her in the act yet), got a spanking, and no love for a few hours. Fortunately, that was it - until yesterday.

I get home from work, I eat dinner, I'm sitting watching TV, and I fall asleep. I wake up a few hours later and realize what time it was, and also realized I hadn't fed them. Now while I was sleeping they both came up onto the couch and curled up with me, and no one was meowing for food, so I didn't think anything was wrong. Then, when I went upstairs, once again they'd pissed on the bed. ARGH!

THOROUGH beating this time, and locked in the bathroom for several hours, but when it was time for bed we forgave them and we all went to bed.

Out of nowhere she just fucking did it again, and this time there weren't any blankets down, so it's in the mattress.

I'm at a loss. Bart never did this, and I need to nip this behavior in the bud now before she decides the rest of the house is fair game. Any suggestions?
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