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So I haven't posted about the slash con I went to, or Pride, or our anniversary...

In his continuing efforts to turn me to the Slashy Side*, minotaurs bought me a membership to CON.TXT, a DC-area bi-annual slash con that he attends (figuring he'd be in town for it anyway, and I'm only an hour away). We started making plans before it dawned on us that it was the same weekend as both DC Pride and our anniversary, but we worked it out.

Friday I got off work a little early, came home, and we got a head start on heading up to DC. Being Pride weekend the parking was horrible, but we finally made it to The Dupont Grille, a nice hotel restaurant right off Dupont Circle that we went to the first night he got back from Iraq. The food was still good, but they raised their prices a lot; still, it was a nice way to celebrate our 5th together.

Afterwards we met up with Edward (the one we haven't seen in over a year - long story) and Kyan, and off they went clubbing. Me, I headed up to the hotel in Silver Spring and hung out with minotaurs in the Con Suite/Art Show/Dealers Room/main programming room/Con Ops/Gaming. (Yes, it was all in one room, but since it was a con of less than 200 people, it worked nicely with just 3 additional programming rooms.)

Q got in late, but had to get up early Saturday morning to go into work for some training. I slept in a bit, but managed to hit a panel about slash's impact on society, and got a feel for how they do things at a slash con (very different and very neat!). Q came back up and we all went out to dinner, with the rain keeping him from going to the Pride Parade that evening. Afterwards he met up with the gang and they all went out clubbing again, while I stayed and saw the vids presentation and hung out with lots of neat people. After they closed down the main room I was treated to a showing of Gayracula where I learned all there is to know about the healing power of spiritual buttsex. Quincy stumbled in sometime afterward.

Anywho, Sunday I got up earlier for the art show auction and got this:

It's Sam from Supernatural, but I just liked it 'cause it was a hot nekkid winged boy. (Thanks, digitalwave!) :D After that it was minotarus' panel about what happens when subtext becomes text, then a poorly-planned old-school Doctor Who panel, and then it was time to say goodbye.

From there we headed down to Pennsylvania Avenue for the Pride Festival. It was a nice day, but it was really the same rainbow crap, different year and different city. We did see some friends, but the swag was weak and we didn't have any money to buy anything neat, so we stayed long enough to do one circuit and get something to eat, and then we headed home to our lonely, hungry kitties (or so they would have had us believe).

So all in all a lovely weekend, even if I didn't find anyone who shared my fandom, nor did I get inspired by anyone else's. However, I must give a shout out to the VERY friendly and welcoming slashers, including the bright and sparkly justacat, the highly amusing barbana, and the proud new owner of an Adipose, brak666. Thanks for a great weekend, and many thanks to minotaurs for both the membership and letting me hang out with him all weekend. I've no doubt that I'll attend another slash con soon, hopefully the next one in San Diego at least, and hopefully some of the folks I met will come to Gaylaxicon this year in DC.

*Not that it was all that hard - ask me about my fandom!
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