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Another weekend update...

Friday night went over to Ben's with Myke and John and played a game of Strange Synergy and had pizza with his dad. Afterwards I met Q and James at Rich's, then I stayed overnight at Q's.

Saturday morning I was up bright and early (ugh) and rented the van, then met everyone at the Center. It was me, Q, Yudi, Hoai, Pat, Johnny and Greg (and for some reason Chris met us there to send us off - weird), and I drove the 2.5 hours up to Six Flags Magic Mountain (just stopped once for Taco Bell). Got there around noon.

CROWDED! Waited in lines a LOT, and let's face it, Magic Mountain ain't no Disneyland - very ghetto, very sketchy. Managed to get on only 6 rides - Arrowhead Splashdown, Goldrusher, Goliath, Ninja, Psyclone, Riddler's Revenge, and X.

Stopped at Denny's for food, and I drove home (got back around 3:00 am!). Dropped off the van at the rental place (had to slip the key under the door because I was NOT coming back in 4 hours to drop it off). Was too tired to go home, so I stayed at Q's.

Slept in on Sunday (haven't been able to for weeks), Q and I watched "10 Things I Hate About You," and then met up with Michael the Lawyer for dinner at Brians' and coffee (he's in town for a conference).

Monday I decided to take a mental health day, 'cause Saturday pretty much wiped me. I slept in until about 1:30, then watched two epsiodes of Farscape, and an episode each of Jiminy Glick and the new Lilo and Stitch cartoon. Finally got myself together and went to the Conjecture BEO meeting, which turned into a two-part meeting, first at the hotel and then dinner at City Deli. (Allison was late and hadn't eaten, so we couldn't really get anything done with her until she'd rescued her blood sugar, which means we weren't finished until almost 11:30. Ugh!) Had to cancel going out with Michael, but Q and I will probably meet up with him tonight, at least for dinner. (Being stuck at a stuffy lawyers convention, he doesn't care what we do as long as it's GAY.)

So today AMB was out sick, and I need to go pick up the darn ceramics after 3 months, and then we'll probably hit dinner with Michael. Whee.

Tomorrow is gaming, Thursday night is Daniel, Friday and Saturday are open, and Sunday I have a meeting, a pot luck, and another meeting. Plus at some point this week I need my final meeting with the hotel.

10 days to Conjecture! w00t!

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