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Wizard World, Mom and stuff

Had a lovely weekend in Philly going to Wizard World and seeing Mom.

We drove up Friday night and made excellent time. We had to bring the cats with us because the last time we left them home they left gifts of their annoyance for our cat sitter, so we just bring them with us now. They don't seem to mind the drive, and rather enjoy exploring Grandma's house.

Saturday we got up early and headed into Philly for Wizard World at the convention center (which was my first time there, actually, as I had moved to San Diego before the Millenium Philcon, and before they tore down the old Radisson and Philcon had to move). It wasn't as big as the New York Comic Con, and certainly not as big as San Diego's Comic-Con International, but it was a good size to do in a day. We did a quick round of power shopping for some dolls action figures Q was looking for, and then he headed off to a panel (and I snuck off to buy a few birthday/anniversary presents I think he'd like). When he was done we had lunch in The Gallery, did some more shopping, wound our way through Artists' Alley, and went to a sculpting workshop by Richard Tonner, whose work Q really enjoys. After that it was one more trip through the exhibit hall, an ATM run, and one last panel for Q. While we were there we ran into hughcasey pimping Philcon, and thankfully caught troystar at the last panel (I was lame and didn't get him my cell phone number early enough for us to hang out for the whole day). From there it was home and dinner at Hennessy's with Mom and defenestr8or (whose cat is thankfully home and doing better).

Sunday we got up and prepped Mom's screened porch for friends of the family to come by later in the week and replace all the screening. Afterwards we went shopping at The Christmas Tree Shop, had dinner at Friendly's, and then packed up the kitties and headed home and made equally excellent time.

Alas, no pictures from the weekend as I'd forgotten my camera, but it was fun nonetheless. We may go up again over July 4 weekend as I get an extra day for some reason, but it depends on what someone wants to do for his birthday. :)

Q was working days yesterday and today, so it was nice to spend time after work having dinner together. Tomorrow I have to go to a class for work in the morning, so we're doing lunch in Waldorf. This weekend I'm hoping to get some more stuff done around the house, because we're busy the next two weekends (next weekend is Capital Pride and minotaurs is coming into town for CON.TXT, to which he bought me a membership, and the following weekend troystar will be in DC and Q is going to a wedding in Albany).

Oh, yeah, and there's some kind of anniversary coming up, too. 5 years of pain and misery I mean, "joy" and "happiness". ;)

(Oh, and I can't resist posting Q's quote of the weekend: "Fandom smells funny." At times, so very, very true...)
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