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A much-needed update

Thursday 9/11 - Busy getting briefings done for IR/PS dean's office. Went right from work to a BEO meeting at the hotel (went smoothly), then right from there to grab dinner, check the post office box and go to David's for LYC movie night (watched "QEftSG" and "Ocean's Eleven" - my favorite line was, "Where the fuck you been?!"), then right from there to Bourbon Street to visit with pinoyboytoyQuincy and James for a few.

Friday 9/12 - Finished briefings for VC's office and AMB, then picked up dinner and right to Q's. He got tickets to a comedy show at 4th & B - semi-funny host, bad first opener, ok second opener, funny headliner (Lord Carrett). Q stayed over at my place.

Saturday 9/13 - Had breakfast, Q left to study, I got some stuff done around the house and then hit LYC coffee and dinner and stayed at Q's.

Sunday 9/14 - Got up and went right to a Conjecture staff meeting, then went home and got some more stuff done.

Monday 9/15 - AMB left and then called to say I'd booked her on the wrong flight - d'oh! Stayed home that night, and Q and I had a talk about the "clingy" comment. (I swear, nazcrNatalie, he's not! :D )

Tuesday 9/16 - Got a call from AMB that only 4 of the 10 invited guests showed - argh! Not good. Went to Q's and we finally watched "Stitch: The Movie" - very fun! I'm going to check out the new series and see if it's worth watching.

Wednesday 9/17 - Stayed late and finished my self-review. Talked to darkscydeDaniel and udmanYudi, and they're both still trying to figure each other out (we'll see what happens). Had a dish session with Rebecca and Michelle about Ebonye - turns out my thoughts on her are fairly common, and the "tension" comment was directed in their direction, but it all whooshed me. Got an e-mail from Rob that we didn't clean up properly after the G'con party at Worldcon, and he's pretty pissed, but Sandra and I talked and she e-mailed him a lengthy apology. Gaming almost didn't happen, but Bill came for the first time so we played U.S. Patent Number 1 (Q went to rehearsal and didn't come).

Thursday 9/18 (yesterday) - AMB said her rental car wasn't the best either - just not a good trip all around. Talked to Peter about the Worldcon party to make sure it wasn't a Network thing, and he said this was all Rob, so I need to talk to him (especially since he wasn't very kind to Sandra's apology). Had an LYC Exec Committee meeting and got a lot done, including planning a year-end banquet.

Friday 9/19 (today) - Had a GREAT review - very positive, all S's and A's. I improved all the areas we talked about from last year, continued to do a great job in everything else, and she even commented that she likes my writing style and wants me to do more of it. Glee! Had a discussion at lunch with Yudi - he says I don't spend any time with him anymore and he's afraid our friendship is "fading." (I can only imagine with Daniel thinks, as I've seen him even less - but I miss him!)

Tonight it's off to ben_raccoonBen's for his birthday (Happy 20th, coon boy!) to do some gaming, and then I'll stay over Q's (he's off to Top of the Park and Bourbon Street with the boys tonight). Oh, and it's David Mills' birthday, too.

Tomorrow I have to meet Yudi early to pick up the van, then LYC is off to Six Flags Magic Mountain for the day (my first time). Sunday is blissfully empty of things to do, so I plan to sleep in and be a bum. :D

Other stuff:

* Staff BEO meeting at the hotel Monday. Conjecture's in two weeks!

* Dad is still in skilled nursing, but doing ok

* Grandmom got sent home and was driving everyone crazy because she wouldn't stop talking. Mom wants to put her in assisted living.

* I love Quincy. :D

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